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Why You Should Be Doing Your Video and Photo Shoots With A Cyc Wall

When it comes to a brands videos or photos, it’s important you make sure you stand out. High quality art can help give you the wow factor you’re looking for, regardless of what industry you’re in.

A great way to improve your photography is by doing your photo and video shoots in front of a cyc wall.

A cyclorama, or “CYC” wall, can also be called an infinity wall or white sweep. It’s essentially a curved, white wall that can help whatever you are taking photos or video of really stand out.

For still photography, this is particularly helpful because you can make the background disappear if the CYC wall is well lit. The wall curves into the ground and has another curve throughout it to diminish shadows and corners.

For video, CYC walls are particularly helpful in post-production. The blank, curved walls allow you to change the backdrop to nearly anything. You can also film your subject from different angles while having the same backdrop, though this can depend on how large the CYC wall is.

A CYC wall will give the background a limitless feel – as though it never ends. This helps make the space behind your subject larger and gives you more possibilities in editing.

Our Cyc Wall first being built several years ago. It’s a whopping 30′ x 35′ and has helped in many video and photo shoots!

There are online resources which teach you to build your own CYC wall, but this isn’t something we recommend. It’s very difficult to achieve a clean, seamless curved look on your own, and likely your results won’t look as professional.

You’ll also be limited on size for the wall you build yourself and depending on your project you may need to work with a larger backdrop.

There are plenty of places where you can rent a CYC wall from, and that’s the route we think is best.  It will ensure the highest quality backdrop and it will likely be easier for you, allowing you to focus on the many other aspects of organizing a video and photoshoot.

When looking to rent a CYC wall in a soundstage or from any other type organization, it’s best to do a lot of research ahead of time. Make sure the wall is as large as you need it to be and go with a larger size if you have any doubts. There’s no real detriment to having a very large CYC wall as your backdrop.

It also helps if the place you are renting from already has proper lighting installed to make sure the wall truly seems infinite. Some places may ask you to bring your own lighting – an added expense you’ll want to be aware of ahead of time.

You can get the best of both worlds when you find a space that is set up for production and includes a CYC wall. Here you’ll likely have a lot of space for equipment, will have access to a larger wall and the lighting equipment will be there already.

If you’re not already using a CYC wall in your photo and video shoots, you may want to look into it. The possibilities for your finished product are endless and it can help you improve the quality of your work.

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